When it comes to house maintenance, the carpet on our floor is one of those things that need not just regular cleaning but also the right methods of taking care of it.

If you happen to reappear some stains before reappearing it the next day, or seeing more and more damages as the time progresses, you are probably doing some things that destroy the quality of your carpet.

The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC) has reported the common cleaning practices that help in damaging the carpets at home.

1. Not cleaning stains as immediate as possible

The longer you stall on cleaning the stains on the carpet, the more difficult it gets to be removed. When liquid stains are poured onto the carpet like coffee, chocolates, etc., the stains get into the fibers of the carpet and stick there. These stains can still be easily removed especially when they are still fresh and new. However, when you wait for a day to remove them, they get fully absorbed by the carpet fibers, making them tougher to remove.

2.Scrubbing real hard

Cleaning the carpet by means of scrubbing may be necessary to remove old stains. However, scrubbing too much is not just ineffective in removing stains, but it is damaging to the carpet as well. Scrubbing can damage the carpet fibers by untwisting and fraying them. This is the reason why most experts would always recommend blotting as a way of cleaning stains, and again, clean them as immediately as possible.

3.Using a new cleaning product without testing

The cleaning solutions you use are important when it comes to taking care of the overall quality of the carpet. Some cleaning products may have harmful chemicals that do not just cause discoloration but also cause damage to the fibers and their strength. To avoid this, try a new cleaning solution on a small patch before using it on the whole carpet.

4.Using too much chemical

Most cleaning solutions contain some chemicals; this is a cinch. And although they are necessary to maintain the carpet’s cleanliness and remove stains and odor, too much of these chemicals are still harmful to the carpet and its fibers. Contrary to what people believe that “more is better,” more chemicals may damage and cause more residue build-up on the carpet.

5.Not hiring a professional cleaning service

Professional cleaning is sometimes needed by the carpets at home. It is not just because the cleaning we provide is inadequate in some aspects, but also because these professional cleaning services like carpet cleaning Gilbert have the necessary tools and better cleaning solutions a well as experience on cleaning carpets. The majority of carpet manufacturers would recommend their carpets to be cleaned every 15 months of being used. By hiring a professional that is skilled and well equipped, carpets are not just well-cleaned, but their life will also prolong as well.

Taking care of our carpets do not just need good intentions, but it also needs the right and proper procedures of cleaning and maintenance. By avoiding the common practices that harm your caret, you are making sure that your carpet’s life is prolonged.

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