The second you get engaged, there will be questions like, “when is the wedding?” “do you now have a wedding dress?” “Where is the venue?”

Take a deep breath and relax for a while. Enjoy your time getting being engaged and just be. However, still you need to be prepared for the planning process for the wedding.

We interviewed some experts and came up with the following:

1.Have a budget

This conversation will be a little bit difficult to you and our partner, but it needs to be discussed. As much you want your wedding to be remarkable and fanciful, you also need to limit the budget to something both you and your partner can afford. This means that after the wedding, you will not find yourselves financially broke.

Also, if your parents offer to contribute, ask for a realistic figure. After all, help does not need to be taken advantage of.

2.Hire a professional

Most couples have not experienced hosting and organizing an event. This is where hiring a professional organizer will really help you get through the planning phase. These professional services know what and how the wedding should be, from the tiniest details to the major ones.

In addition to this, there are couples that still do not know what they want and how to start planning. Professional organizers will help the couple start planning. Likewise, you will be provided with options for themes and other things needed for the wedding.

3. Decide for the date and venue

Deciding for the date will save you from potential issues and problems. This will also give you time to pick certain important dates like your anniversary or preferred season of the year. Likewise, even after deciding for the target date, make sure that both of you are still flexible on the changes.

In addition, decide and book for the venue in advance. The venue needs to fit your preferred theme. In deciding what venue to choose, make sure that the venue offers convenience, good bathrooms, service-oriented crews, and enough space for your guests as well as the additional vendors.

4.Get a Guest Count

Of course, you will be tempted to invite everyone on your wedding day. However, it is not practical, budget-wise, to invite everyone irrelevant to your and your partner’s lives anymore. This is the reason why having a guest count is important. Also, having a guest count will also help you on deciding for the venue and the total costs as the guests will determine the food’s budget and the venue’s space.

5.Book a professional photographer or videographer

Your wedding day should be memorable. This is why hiring a professional photographer and videographer like wedding videographer Scottsdale will help you capture one of the most special days of your life.

Other things you need to do:

Pick your favorite caterer – food quality as well as budgeting needs to be balanced.

Buy your dress – pick the dress that suits your style and personality. Most importantly, pick the one that provides you the most comfort you can have.

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