The last thing you would want is to have broken glass on your window or door. It does not just provide an unappealing view and destroy the whole curb appeal, but it also imposes a threat to your insulation, protection, and safety. Windows are certainly an important component of both commercial and residential buildings. However, no matter how strong and excellent quality your glass window or door are, there are still ways you do that harm them. In this article, you will know some of the causes that damage and harm your glass windows.

1.Improper and Unregular Maintenance

Your glass window needs to be regularly cleaned and maintained as the dirt and stains may accumulate, degrading the overall quality of the window. There are many ways to provide them the cleaning it needs. You can have window cleaning Gilbert and experience their professional approach to cleaning and maintaining the health of your glass window.

2.Weather and Natural Elements

Windows are designed and built to protect the house and its occupants from the outside elements like rain, wind, hail, snow, as well as extreme cold and heat. However, constant exposure to changing temperatures caused by changing weather may also damage your glass. Also, too much humidity inside the house can also damage the window sash until it deteriorates and breaks.

When you live in an area that has constant exposure to high humidity, clean the windows on a regular basis as the moisture will make the windows break and crack.

3. Windows’ Age

Let us say you do regular cleaning and maintenance of your windows, and you are not exposed in a place that experiences a constant change in weather that induces a frequent change in temperature, there will still be a time that your windows and their glass show some signs of wear and tear.

When the windows’ materials have come to their ending point, they would start to deteriorate. A window that has not been hit could still develop and have cracks from too much expansion and contraction from the surroundings.

4.Physical Impacts and Force

Of course, windows and glass are made and installed for protection and safety as they are able to withstand certain elements like natural light, wind, etc. However, if there is a force thrown at it with so much force, there is a great possibility that it could crack and/or break.

Most glass breaks because of human forces and activities such as intentional acts of vandalism, baseballs, and others. Likewise, any animals putting force and impact can also destroy your glass windows. For instance, a huge bird flying with high speed can still shatter a window, although it also depends on the quality and kind of glass your window has.

The Final Thoughts

When it comes to providing the needed care, cleaning, and maintenance of our windows at home, one should not be passive about it as they provide protection ad safety against external elements like weather and people. The above mentioned are the things that commonly harm and damage windows and their glasses, so it is important to avoid them as much as possible.

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