Everyone understands how excited a bride and a groom could be on the day of the wedding. However, even if it is one of the most remarkable and important events of your life, there could still be some imperfections and accidents that happen especially when you don’t act as normally as you need to be.

A wedding day can make someone feel so elated, excited, nervous, stressed, busy —- all a mixture of both positive and negative feelings. This is understandable as this is probably the most special day you can have as a single person.

But believe it or not, one of the best ways you can do is to act normal on your wedding day as if it is one of your ordinary days, and avoid trying out new things that may cause some inconvenience along the way.

The following are the things you need to avoid on the day of the wedding:

1. Do not be in Charge

The important things you need to do during your wedding day are to be pretty and ready for the day — and of course, to enjoy the whole event., and not stress yourself with the needs and necessities of the event. Leave all the little and big things to someone you trust and someone reliable so you can go on getting pretty until you and your husband retire to your honeymoon days. The wedding planner Gilbert can help you organize things as smoothly as possible so you won’t need to stress yourself out during the event.

Also, hire a personal driver or chauffeur and avoid driving for yourself from the hotel to the wedding reception.

2.Avoid wearing new make-up

Stick to your normal make-up routine, to make sure you will not have any chemical reaction from the makeup that you use. Do not experiment on new products on the day or few days before your wedding. If you want to really be at your best look and use new make-up, try new products several months before your wedding day.

3.Don’t skip a meal and/or eat badly

Your wedding day will be one of the most exhausting days you will ever have in your life. There will be a lot that will happen and the last thing you want to experience is to faint from hunger. Also, not having anything in your stomach before and during the event will make you have some mood swings as well as it will make your irritable. If you don’t have enough time, ask a member of your Maid of Honor to prepare something beforehand.

4.Do not wear new shoes

Your feet are actually the foundation on your big day. So, you need create a balance of looking good and being comfortable. Wear something that you feel most comfortable with. The looks it provides does not worth any of the second you spend on the wedding feeling distracted and less focused.

Other things you need to do:

  • Don’t exercise a few days before the wedding to avoid possible accidents like a strain or broken bones
  • Don’t drink too much liquid before the wedding as it will not leave you sober during the event
  • Avoid getting a massage and avoid having a muscle sore.
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